We're operating under Alert Level 3 and below!

Craig and Talia at Wilson Trees and Landscaping hope that with the stresses of the 2021 Covid outbreak you have all been keeping well first and foremost and managed to get though the level 4 time as best as possible. During the level 4 lockdown we enjoyed our downtime with our family as im sure a lot of our customers did too, with a great chance to press reset... along side a fair bit of those jobs around the house which never seemed to get done otherwise, our own place is looking great now!

The Wilson Trees and Landscaping team have been back up and running since the alert level changed from level 4 to level 3. We have great procedures in place to protect both our team, our fantastic clients and the wider public. So if you'd like to have us out to have a squiz at some work for the upcoming season feel free to give us a call. Spring is well and truly here with another hot summer predicted.

Whether you have a tree that takes all your summer sun each year so requires a good trim or removal? An orchard that is heavily laden with fruit or sooty mould so needs to be opened up to help rectify these issues? Lifting trees for better farming or residential use of grassed areas, or thinning of a dense canopy to allow better grass growth below. There are many ways to improve the overall health, longevity and enjoyment of your trees and surrounding living and liveable areas,

which we'd love to offer you our services in doing so. A free quote to begin is a great way to start! Call Talia Wilson on 0275140342 and the ball will get rolling today.