Thank you for your patience

To all our wonderful clients out there, whether you are well established with us or new on the scene. We'd like to extend our most sincerest thanks to you all for your patience and understanding while you've waited for your quotes to be fulfilled as we've tackled the clean up job of Cyclone Dovi.

Our team here at Wilson Trees have been working tirelessly prioritising the health and safety the Roads, Homes, Parks, Schools, public spaces etc to re open and ensure the safety of these environments for everyone. The first night working under the lights of the digger/ traffic management teams till 11:30pm clearing what can only be described as complete destruction of the trees of Hamilton!

However, we're coming to the end of the influx in clean up and health and safety Tree Services. So we're excited to be back into our usual list of wonderful clients who have had an unusual wait time for your Arboriculture care to be completed. We haven't forgotten you and we'll be in touch shortly with a date for your work.

My kindest Regards, Talia Wilson.

(and the whole fantastic team here at Wilson Trees and Landscaping)