Safety tree pruning in Hamilton.

We're often asked if we work in the rain, and the answer is always "We're not made of sugar!"But to give you a better idea of the tree work we do get up to whatever the weather, here is a pretty big tree job we're in the middle of in Hamilton. You may recall a tree came over into the rail corridor resulting in a train hitting it? We were called in for the clean up and now we're trimming this big stand of Eucalyptus Trees to help ensure the safety of public, the rail corridor and increase the longevity of the stand. Up the tree is Craig Wilson climbing with a Husqvarna 572XP chainsaw running a 24inch bar. This is our medium size climbing saw and is utilised often on the job. We'll be on site pruning for some time before we come in with our Land Clearing unit to process the timber and debris utilising our 5T digger with grapple, 15" Brush Bandit Chipper and our 16m3 capacity truck. This unit along side our awesome staff makes light work out of large jobs.