Qualified Arborists - Quality Tree services.

Meet our team. At Wilson Trees we are proud of our team, which is lead by Craig Wilson. Qualified in Arboriculture with a Diploma, and over 18 years experience he provides fantastic tree care options for our clients. As one of Nz's top tree climbers he has represented New Zealand at the World Tree Climbing Championships twice, placing 5th overall as his highest ranking and 3rd in Australia at the RedBull branched out competition both in 2018. His keen eye and attention to detail along side his remarkable climbing skills means large scale tree pruning, tree reductions and tree removals are his favourite part of the job. "The trickier the better in my view".

He enjoys seeing our clients so pleased with the outcomes of our Tree Care, which would not be possible without Craigs dedication his job, to the Arboriculture industry and to you as our customers. Outside of business his favourite things are spending time with his family, hunting and fishing, water sports and snowboarding, camping and travel. Basically anything to get outside to have a good time.

Craig looks forward to meeting with you and offering you his services.