"Treat the
earth well.

We do not 
inherit it from 
our ancestors;
We borrow it from 
our children."


Wilson Trees and Landscaping qualified Arborists provides a full range of Waikato Tree Services to Te Awamutu Hamilton Otorohanga Cambridge Raglan and Pirongia.

Our passion for Tree Care and our involvement in the industry is paramount with what we do.

Tree Trimming | Tree Pruning | Tree Removals | Felling | Hedge Trimming | Storm Damage rectification | Tree Planting | Gulley Restoration | Land Clearing | Chipping |Stump Grinding and Firewood

Tree Pruning | Tree Trimming

We can evaluate and make recommendations on work to be undertaken on your trees. Pruning your trees is like going to the dentist, you want to be sure you choose a proffesional! Our Arborist crew are qualified, experienced and have a wealth of knowledge.

For example:

  • Lifting – over driveways, paths and roads for better access and visual aesthetics, or in paddocks for increased grass growth or crop production.

  • Dead wooding – for safety and aesthetics

  • Thinning – to increase the amount of light filtration through your tree, or to create windows or vistas for views. This also improves the way wind moves through your tree reducing the "sail" of the canopy. this is a great way to preserve larger trees.

  • Canopy/ Tip Reduction – to improve or balance your trees size, shape and form. Reducing weight from heavy branches to prevent break out. To enhance views and increase light filtration through the tree.

  • Shaping and forming young trees can save you money in the future, by improving their structure and future form.

  • Hedge Trimming is another great way for sprucing up your property.


Wilson Trees and Landscapings Tree Services achieve your required results while ensuring it looks great. This is done without compromising the general health of your tree. 


Tree Removals | Felling

Wilson Trees and Landscaping utilize a vast array of techniques in tree removal. If you have hazardous trees, trees in confined situations, or straight felling we are safe and efficient Arborists.Our 5T Digger set up with specialised tree grapple aids some of our work. We utilise larger diggers, cranes, winches and other machinery when necessary to assist our Tree Services.


Hedge Trimming

We are perfectionists when it comes to our work, and Hedge Trimming is no exception! Some find hedge trimming difficult, keeping straight lines, angles correct, or large garden hedges. We find hedge trimming a breeze with our well serviced equipment and tonnes of experience!


Storm damage

Trees down or damaged in a storm? You'll have an Arborist fully equipped to respond to your emergency work.


Tree Planting

We can advise on species selection and planting locations that will best suit you and your surrounding environment. Planting larger specimen trees creates a feeling of maturity to your garden.

We actively aspire to improve and restore New Zealand’s native areas, increasing natural habitat for native fauna. This may involve the removal of undesirable weed species. 



Planting trees is a great way to stabilise stream/ riverbanks or slips on hillsides. Wilson Trees and Landscaping ltd works extensively with gulley restoration undertaking these projects throughout the greater Waikato. Removal of weed species to then replant is a breeze with our expertise and equipment.



Our chipper makes light work of turning branches into quality mulch.

Wood chip is an excellent mulch to add to your garden. The benefits included:

  • Reducing weed growth

  • Helps retain optimum soil moisture in summer

  • Keeps soil warmer in winter

  • Adds organic matter creating excellent soil quality

$25.00 + gst per m3 "green mulch" delivered (You'll need to keep this in a pile for up to 6 weeks before spreading.

$35.00 + gst per m3 "Ready to go mulch" delivered


Stump grinding

Remove those nuisance stumps and re-instate your lawn or prepare for re-planting. Our portable Stump grinder is easily transported throughout the Waikato.


Land Clearing

Are you subdividing and require room for your new property growth? Have you got an unusable area which you want back to a clean slate? Our 5T digger is set up for a variety of work from Tree and plant removal to recontouring land or cleaning up gulleys.

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